I’ve not written much since I was in hospital. I found it harder to concentrate when I was recuperating. I also think that I might have gone back to work a little sooner than was ideal. I did manage to publish a couple of posts about my hospital stay, and there’s a third one in draft that I didn’t manage to finish. I don’t think that’s anything to do with having been unwell.

I’ve not lost enthusiasm, but I do seem to have a lot of things going on. It’s been the same at work. I had been writing one and a bit blog posts a week for work before I was off. In two months I’ve managed three.

Writer’s block?

I haven’t got writer’s block. I’ve just run out of time to write things. I’ve worked a fair number of my non-working days which has reduced the time that I might otherwise write. I’ve also not read as much as usual either.

More Work

I’ve also been using commuting time to read my work emails so that I’m up to speed when I hit the office and a day of back to back meetings. Often I speak to people on the phone while walking from the train to the office. That brings my working day forward by an hour, but it rarely finishes any earlier. The reason for that is twofold.

I’ve been doing the Project Leadership Programme at Cranfield University. That’s used up ten working days since September. I’ve also had a couple of weeks worth of leave too. So I’ve not been in the office as much as normal, but the work has still been there.

More Cubs

Outside work the scout group has been running a project to set up extra Beaver and Cub Scout sections so that we can meet demand from our waiting lists. I’ve been helping with this as a mentor for the new cub pack. It is working and is a good thing for the community, however it means more involvement for me until all the new volunteers are fully trained.

More Holidays

Family life is equally packed, and takes a higher priority. We had an excellent week away at half term in the Peak District, including a trip into the Devil’s Arse! Alexander needed a new laptop for school, and the one we bought wasn’t what we were sent. That took some sorting out, and then the WiFi went….

Normal Service will resume

Having three weeks off sick takes some catching up with. Work is still pretty manic, but I’m getting it back under control. I’ve swapped to just help the Thursday cubs for the time being, doing two nights a week was more than I could reasonably manage. The holidays are about to kick in for Christmas, and then I’ll be back to working my normal four days a week. Also the Project Leadership Programme has its last module in January 2019.

I’ve written eight blog posts in the last week or so, five are queued on Themself (including this one), one on Medium and two on Red Leader. Expect more in 2019, bit probably not three a week.