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Scottish Independence – It’s Very Close Indeed

I've updated the graphs with the latest polls and re-drawn them, I've also ignored the polls from before March 2014, so this is just the last six months of polling (about 50 separate polls). My original data source is ,_2014 The graph clearly shows that as the poll gets closer more people are making their minds up, and that the gap between the views is narrowing. Yesterday saw a major effort by the No campaign to influence the Don't Knows which won't yet have made its way into the opinion data as the latest one was only published yesterday. If you haven't made up your mind yet then you might be the person that decides the outcome. Here are some useful links that might be of assistance in gathering the facts (NB apply buckets of salt to anything said by politicians,…
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Scottish Independence – Another View of the Polling Data

Since I posted the graph on the opinion poll data on the Independence Referendum in Scotland I've had some questions on both twitter and facebook (mainly from two of my three brothers still living in Scotland, one a clear Yes voter and the other undecided). I was asked whether leaving out the undecideds was skewing the result that I was showing. My initial response to this was that it wasn't, the analysis was looking at how the proportion of those deciding to vote was changing in favour of Yes. However I thought that I would go back and do the three way look at things and see if that gave a different picture. Clearly the visual is very different, partly my choice in how to present it. However the story it tells is not different from the one I produced…
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Scottish Independence – Polling Trends

Not long to go now until the Scottish Independence Referendum. The noise is crowding out the signal, and more and more people seem to be deciding which way they are going to vote. Also those not able to vote ( the residents of the rest of the UK) are also expressing their opinions. So I thought I would go look at the opinion polls and the trend. I recognised that the various campaign followers have criticised various pollsters for being biased, so I thought I'd get the data and graph it by major pollster. I also produced a series of trend lines to see how things were changing. These are shown below. Proportion of those declaring YES in the IndyRef, poll data from wikipedia A couple of points: This is the YES proportion after the undecideds are excluded all the…
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Scottish Independence – Staying Positive

I'm Scottish and I live in England. So I don't get a vote on Scotland becoming independent. I do get to express my opinion though. For most of my life I would describe myself as a proud Scot. The outcome on September 18th won't change that. What could is the negative campaigning, especially from the Yes camp. There is much to be proud of as a Scot and many reasons why Independence is  right for Scotland. However being negative about the English or Westminster isn't the right way to do it. Scots should be looking at what they can have, what they will be, not painting themselves as victims. I watched the Scotland Decides debate the other night. Alex Salmond came across as a Tartan Tory, a little Scotlander using the Daily Mail's play book and sticking a kilt on it. Darling…
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