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Happy Christmas – Free Story

English: A neatly decorated Christmas cake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A little early, but I thought I would say Happy Christmas to everyone I know and also offer you all a free story for your kindle (if you don't have one you can still read it on your computer or your smartphone using the free e-reader software from amazon). From tomorrow until midnight on Boxing Day (US Pacific time, so about 07:00 on the 27th for us in the UK) my latest story will be free for your kindle from Amazon. Here are some links so that you can grab a free copy: Crisis Point on Amazon UK Crisis Point on Crisis Point on Amazon Canada Crisis Point on Amazon Australia Crisis Point on Goodreads It should be free on all the other Amazon sites too. If you have goodreads then…
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Short Story – Exodus: Mike’s Thread by James Kemp

I've made a short story from my NaNoWriMo 2012 event available as a Kindle book, which is available from Amazon. Exodus: Mike's Thread tells part of the story from the point of view of one of the characters, it isn't his whole story, but tells a large chunk of it and ends on an appropriate point. The gist of the story is that Mike is an officer in the US Space Command, and one of the insiders in a conspiracy within the US military to circumvent the inconvenient parts of civilian control. He tells his story in the first person to the interviewer after the events. The rest of the story is still in for editing, although I won't release more of it until I've got through some more of my open university maths course, I've got some catching up to…
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