English: A neatly decorated Christmas cake.
English: A neatly decorated Christmas cake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A little early, but I thought I would say Happy Christmas to everyone I know and also offer you all a free story for your kindle (if you don’t have one you can still read it on your computer or your smartphone using the free e-reader software from amazon).

From tomorrow until midnight on Boxing Day (US Pacific time, so about 07:00 on the 27th for us in the UK) my latest story will be free for your kindle from Amazon. Here are some links so that you can grab a free copy:

It should be free on all the other Amazon sites too. If you have goodreads then you should be able to get a link to your local amazon from there. If not then click on the Amazon.com version and edit the .com part of the link to be what your local amazon uses and it will work.

I hope that you all have a very merry and fun holiday and enjoy it with friends and family. I know that I will be doing exactly that!

Do please share the link widely, giving is what it is all about. I very much hope that you like the story. If you do, and you want to give me something back then it could do with some honest reviews.

Happy Christmas!