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B204 Feedback – A Student Perspective of B204 Leadership, Influencing & Change

I've recently finished studying for B204 Leadership, Influencing and Change, I thought I'd share my B204 feedback. It's not a module I can recommend, for a variety of reasons. Some of these are to do with the specific tutor I had (who I didn't find effective) and some are around the course-work and assessment. I'm posting this before I know what my final mark is, just to avoid the 'sour grapes' aspect of failing it (which I doubt, I scored in the low 60s for my continuous assessment). In the spirit of constructive feedback I copied down my responses to the OU's end of course student questionnaire to get B204 feedback. I doubt any of these comments will feature in their prospectus, so I thought I'd post them on my blog for future prospective students of B204 to find. Feel…
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Tending Leaders – Looking after our own leaders

The Kings of War (KOW) blog asked an interesting question a week or so ago. How good are we at tending leaders? Leadership is Lonely Me helping to promote the Rugby World Cup as part of tending leaders at work! While the KOW blog has a military perspective the original thought came from a police blog. I think the sentiment of loneliness of command also applies to civil servants too. Probably also to┬áleaders in other spheres. I've had a few roles involving leadership of large numbers of people. I've also been fairly close to people who have done the same thing, more senior people than me. I've certainly seen them get isolated, and in some cases surrounded by sycophantic yessers. We need to keep tending leaders if we want them to be good. From my time running a passport office…
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