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Fire in the Night

This was the view from my bedroom window when I woke up this morning, there had been a large house fire a few doors down in the middle of the night. Six fire engines, a turntable ladder, command and incident support units on the green this morning (Photo credit: James Kemp) From speaking to neighbours and some of the Surrey Fire & Rescue Service crews and local Councillors (lots of which was via Twitter) I found out some of what happened, no doubt there is more to it than this. Sometime around 03:40 the fire started in the upstairs part of a semi-detached house at the other end of the green from my house. The exact time is unclear, but Surrey FRS reported that they were on the scene at 03:47. The man who lives in the house, a local mechanic…
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Quality Street Fair

Earlier today Alexander went to the Quality Street Fair, we walked from home with Alexander in the buggy. Quality Street was shut off to traffic for the fair and it was quite busy with a two way flow of people up and down the various stalls on the pavement on both sides of the road. The first thing that really grabbed Alexander's attention was the local council's recycling stand, but not because he is particularly green. What fired his enthusiasm were the helium filled balloons that they were giving away. As I walked past slowly Alexander's head turned until he was leaning out of the buggy looking behind us. We turned back to get a balloon and a young woman was taken by Alexander. She gushed about how nice he was and got him a balloon without me asking. She…
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