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Lost Luggage

The Merstham Writers group challenged people to write about a place where they lost something. All the names have been changed, but this is a real story that actually happened. Lost Luggage I spent the summer of 2012 in the arrivals hall in Gatwick airport's South Terminal. I watched the flow and ebb of humanity. So many people, back from their holidays still in shorts and t-shirts into the dreary English rain. Others returning home from seeing loved ones, or coming in their own holidays, or for the Olympics. I met many of the Jamaican athletes when the Kingston flight came in, and the Georgians too when they connected from Berlin. Afternoons were quiet. There was an empty hour in the terminal just after lunch. I often sat on my high chair looking out at rows of tensa barriers. Their…
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Half Trained

  I am now a half trained cub scout leader. I spent the weekend at Bentley Copse scout centre in Surrey doing the first two days of the four day adult leader training course. When I'm done I'll have earnt the wood badge worn by thousands of scout leaders worldwide. The course exceeded my expectations, although those started fairly low. I was expecting two days of death by powerpoint being fed the party line, however unrealistic it may be. However what I got was a training team that understood that we were all thinking adults and that we were involved in scouting because we wanted children to have fun trying out new things in a safe environment. As well as that the theory was well interleaved with practical activities and discussion for us both to get to know each other…
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Scouting for Grown Ups

I've been helping with my local scout group since 2010 and find it both enjoyable and rewarding.  You get to do English: HMS Belfast (C35), London, England. HMS Belfast at her London berth, with Tower Bridge behind, 16 December 2005. Brightened, cropped and straightened version. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) interesting things while providing opportunities for children to try activities that they wouldn't otherwise be able to.  Here are just a few of the things I've helped to support over the last four years sleepovers in the scout hut for beavers and cubs camping in tents for cubs walks outdoors (including nature rambles, night walks in the park, woodland walks and general exploration) outdoor cooking, including using campfires and collecting eggs from chickens visits to places of interest, including a fire station, HMS Belfast, Reigate Caves, a local synagogue, Fire of London…
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Merstham Cubs Racing Push Carts

Clark Pack team for the District Cubs Push Carts Competition #cubs (Photo credit: James Kemp) Today was the Reigate and Horley Cubs District Push Cart Racing Competition. We were down in Horley in a school playground in the rain, but we all enjoyed it immensely and we won a few races (although not enough to keep the trophy we won last year). Here are a couple of videos that I took of some of our races. Eight Year Olds Single Lap Race This was the first race that we won, and Lewis was pushing with Christopher steering. Both boys have only just come up from the Beavers. 10 Years and under Relay Race We had Solomon pushing in lap 1 and Thomas P in lap 2 with Alex steering, they had a fantastic race and then crashed off the course…
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Cub Camp 2014

I got back yesterday evening from a two night camp with Clark Pack of 5th Reigate (Merstham) cub scouts. We were up at Jordan Heights, a little piece of unspoilt wilderness hidden on the back of Reigate Hill about 100m from the A217. The campsite is appropriately spartan. The facilities are geared for adventure rather than comfort. This is a good thing when you are scouting. There are some custom built outdoor cooking facilities (see the photos), a hut for storage and as a backstop against inclement weather. There are also air rifle and archery facilities with a trained instructor available. The campsite is a couple of flattened areas both bigger than our scout hall and it is set in the woods on the side of Reigate Hill. There are other facilities too, and you can see the details on…
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