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Media Bias? Or something else? How can we tell?

English: In the political theory of the Overton Window, a new idea fills the window of what the public views as unthinkable, causing the desired idea to shift into the window of what the public views as sensible without the need to explain any benefit of the desired idea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We seem to hear allegations of media bias on a regular basis these days. Anytime an interest group isn't getting the glowing coverage they feel that they so richly deserve we hear the shout 'media bias!' The thing is, I don't see much media bias at work. What does Media Bias look like? In the eyes of those that shout about media bias it seems to take these forms: Negative coverage of what their leader or candidate has said Coverage of the opposing point of view Questions about…
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Scottish Independence – Staying Positive

I'm Scottish and I live in England. So I don't get a vote on Scotland becoming independent. I do get to express my opinion though. For most of my life I would describe myself as a proud Scot. The outcome on September 18th won't change that. What could is the negative campaigning, especially from the Yes camp. There is much to be proud of as a Scot and many reasons why Independence is  right for Scotland. However being negative about the English or Westminster isn't the right way to do it. Scots should be looking at what they can have, what they will be, not painting themselves as victims. I watched the Scotland Decides debate the other night. Alex Salmond came across as a Tartan Tory, a little Scotlander using the Daily Mail's play book and sticking a kilt on it. Darling…
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Faith in Morale

I've been reading operational research on the psychology of combat recently. It got me to thinking about the role of religious faith in maintaining soldiers' morale. I'm not personally religious and don't have an axe to grind on this. Does having faith help soldiers deal better with combat? What I am trying to do is build a game design model that properly accounts for relevant factors. The thought that struck me was that combat is very stressful and that soldiers are called on to do unpleasant things to others. This isn't an every day thing but it does happen. The after effects can be very severe, PTSD isn't pleasant for anyone and can last for years after the traumatic events have finished. Psychological casualties are as real as the physical ones, they just have a delayed onset and are harder…
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