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Decoding Assignment Questions – Three Steps to Success

If you want to get a good grade in your open university tutor marked assignment (TMA) then you must answer the assignment questions. I've written about the other steps to getting awesome assignment marks before. However a few more tutorials, and some painful personal experience, has shown that I need to revisit answering the assignment questions. Three Steps to Decoding Assignment Questions Read the assignment questions closely Identify the thinking or cognitive skills Pick out appropriate theories from the assignment questions 1. Reading the Assignment Questions Closely The people that write our assignment questions are very careful in their use of language. They pick the words to give us clues, and they use them precisely. So spend some time reading the question and make no assumptions about what you are being asked to do. Break the assignment questions into each…
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Interview Questions

Since I put up my review policy on the blog I've been getting regular contacts suggesting that I review things, but there have also been suggestions that I might do some author interviews or guest posts. Generally I think this is a good idea, so I thought I would come up with some standard questions. Here's what I came up with. Interview questions How long have you been writing for and what made you start writing? Do you write for a living, or do you also do other work? How did you get into being a professional writer, and how much effort did it take to be able to write full time? Were you always good at telling stories, or has it come to you as an adult? Were you good at English in school? What do you read for…
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