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Book review – Casting Shadows Everywhere by L.T. Vargus

Casting Shadows Everywhere by Vargus My rating: 4 of 5 stars A dark and twisted coming of age tale with a satisfying conclusion. Told as a teenage boy's journal this breaks a couple of writing rules, it is mostly tell with little show, which works because this is a journal. There are stories through the journal of the protagonist's fevered dreams, and we get 'then I woke up' a couple of times. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, we get a good view of the inner psyche of the character (helped along by the fact that there is also a commentary on what he's learning in Psychology 101 that seems to mirror some of what is going on in his life). The basis of the story is that Jake has grown up in a single parent family. Lacking a…
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Latest new books

These are the newest arrivals in my house. Just started reading Suggs, which is a free review copy. The first dozen pages have got me interested and I will be reading it over the next week. Related articles Madness star Suggs on his love for his Welsh roots
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Book Review – Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman

This is an unusual book review in that it is also an event review as well. I took my son (the day before his 8th birthday) to see Neil Gaiman and friends read Fortunately the on stage at Westminster Central Hall.  It was an awesome evening, we arrived to find the place literally surrounded by Neil Gaiman fans, as the queue went all the way round the building. The general entertainment was every bit as good as the main event. We both laughed a lot at the introductory piece by Andrew O'Neill who really worked to warm us all up. He did a good line in geeky jokes, I particularly liked his line on Magneto on a Lilo. The boy almost wet himself at that and then got terribly excited when Andrew had half the hall stamping their feet and the…
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