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Steel & Lace edited by Francine Howarth [Book Review]

Steel & Lace - Anthology of 17th-18th century stories. by Francine Howarth My rating: 5 of 5 stars I occasionally stray into genres that aren't my preferred ones, usually to widen my reading experience and learn a little more about writing different sort of stories. Historical romance is one of the areas that I have entirely avoided, until now. I've had a prejudice against it, worrying that there will be a pinkwash over the history from the rose-tinted spectacles of damsel heroine lusting after her bare chested highlander. There was none of that in Steel & Lace, all the history was spot on, although there was just a little bit of lust. Steel & Lace I picked up Steel & Lace on kindle because it was free and I had previously read one of the authors historical fiction and really…
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Author Interview – Kasey Riley

Kasey Riley, author Kasey Riley is the subject of this week's author interview. Kasey Riley writes mysteries with an element of romance and a dash of comedy based on the world of endurance riding. So if you like your horses (and dogs) with a good yarn then this is the sort of thing you might like to read. Kasey Riley Interviewed How long have you been writing for and what made you start writing? I’ve been writing since 2012 – novels. All of my life I’ve been writing something, essays, newsletters, articles; so it didn’t just happen overnight. One day I was reading a book that used my sport as a backdrop and I could not believe how the author slaughtered the sport and massacred the camaraderie of those who participate. I never finished that book; I put it down and…
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