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Castles in the Cloud [Poetry]

I referred to the Castles in the Cloud poetry in my post about cyber warfare the other week, and only after I'd published it I realised that the poetry wasn't generally available, unless you'd bought my book Themself. So here are those poems, if you like them you might also like the book. Castles in the Cloud Laying Siege Unsuspecting users are unaware of spam silently suborning their systems. Malware lurks waiting for the one in a million. Click conscripted computers, zombies in the 'bot-net horde, pillaging user credentials and sending more spam. Each zombie sends tens of millions of emails before they too are cleansed. One day the hordes will swell, the tide sweeping away all defences. Then the zombie apocalypse will infect us all. Castles in the Sky Fortresses nestle in their own cloud, keeping out trojans. Patterned…
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Perfects – Chapter 5 Discovery

Chapter 4 - Beginning CHAPTER FIVE Discovery Our usual routine involved an hour or so of stooging around without wearing a terminal, not even a supposedly switched-off one. We usually started by leaving home on a back route and taking a bike ride or a bus to the local shopping area, we always worked during the busiest hours. Once we were in the shopping area we needed to find a crowd. Once we’d got into the crowd, dropping down to tie a shoe lace would normally put you out of sight of any followers or cameras. A quick change of hat, and perhaps turning a hoodie inside out would be enough to help that process on. Once we’d spent some time making sure no-one was following us, we’d make our way to the meeting point. I was usually first there,…
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