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Going to Aldhani

On Saturday Alex and I took a walk to the Imperial base at Aldhani, otherwise known as the Cruachan Dam. The primary draw to walk to the dam was that it was used in the filming of the Star Wars Andor series as the imperial garrison that was raided on Aldhani that triggered the rebellion to coalesce into a coalition that was able to take on the Empire. So from a Star Wars rebels perspective, Aldani is where it all started. Alex also wanted to do a spoof insta style 'Rebel Roots on Aldhani' report. Planning for Aldhani Alex walks with his feet either side of the path because there's water flowing down it! (Photo: James Kemp) Having looked at the map it seemed to be a wee bit of a walk, just over a kilometre from the closest bit…
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Disneyland Paris Experience at Half Term Feb 2017

This week's blog post is slight late because I spent the first five days of this week at Disneyland Paris. It was a tiring holiday, but my kids seriously enjoyed Disneyland Paris, so it was worth doing. We've had a fab time, although Disneyland Paris was a bit busier than I'd expected at February half-term. Some of this was because a lot of the bigger rides were closed for refurbishment over the winter. So more people were trying to get on the rides that were still open. Star Wars at Disneyland Paris I think the highlight of the week was probably Alexander doing the Jedi Academy. Disneyland Paris is getting a Star Wars themed makeover, two of the big rides are being re-vamped to bring them up to date with the Star Wars franchise (Star Tours and Space Mountain). There are…
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The Force Awakens [Film Review] – #NoSpoilers

The Force Awakens (AKA Star Wars Episode VII) is probably the only movie I've been to see twice in the cinema. I saw it the first time on the Sunday after The Force Awakens was released. I'm not an obsessive Star Wars fan, at least not compared to some of the people I know (like my 10-year-old son), but I have seen all the movies multiple times (on DVD) and in my twenties I ran a Star Wars roleplaying campaign. So I know the material pretty well, and I enjoy it. Star Wars is Fantasy Han Solo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Star Wars is not science fiction, it's fantasy with a space opera theme. This is an important distinction, because it directs how we should suspend disbelief when watching it. You can test this easily, fantasy confuses space and time to suit…
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