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New Books of 2015 pt.1

In keeping with my resolution to read more paper books (and the self-imposed target of at least twenty or five more than I've acquired) I thought I would record the new books I've acquired this year. I intend to read all of these during 2015. The first batch are technically 2014 acquisitions, mostly Christmas presents, but I'm counting them in my 2015 total. Here they are: That makes seven books so far, and you should expect to read reviews of them all on the blog later in the year. Given my post last year about how readers choose books I thought I would also record why I chose each of these books.  Working up from the bottom here are the reasons I wanted each of these books. The fantastically funny Dragons at Crumbling Castle by Terry Pratchett. This was on my wish list…
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Top Ten Posts of 2014

I've been looking through the stats, and ignoring the home page, and the separate parts of a linked series of posts, these are the top ten posts of 2014 (not all of which are from 2014). I've also adjusted the order to allow for when in the year the post was published, but these are all originally in the top 12 posts). Some stats During 2014 I have written 112 posts. 241 posts (out of the 334 posts plus four pages available) have received at least one hit over the course of the year. The top ten (list below) account for over half of all traffic across the blog. There's a small gap in the stats too, I got hacked in late November and lost a couple of days worth of stats, I rolled back to a previous version and…
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Safestyle Scamming

This afternoon, while I was making lunch for Lucy, the phone rang. Now we only have a phone because you need a BT line to get broadband, so the handset is pretty cheap and we tend not to give the number out. Only three people ever phone me on the phone, apart from the telephone scammers. I answered the phone but didn't immediately speak. A male native english speaker asked to speak to Mr or Mrs Kemp. I asked him who was calling. "Mr Kemp, I'm just calling from the local office of Safestyle to follow up a request for a quote." he claimed. I hadn't said who I was, my policy is to neither confirm nor deny anything to people on the phone until I've worked out who they are. "Oh, really?" I commented. "Mrs Kemp requested a quote…
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Scottish Independence – It’s Very Close Indeed

I've updated the graphs with the latest polls and re-drawn them, I've also ignored the polls from before March 2014, so this is just the last six months of polling (about 50 separate polls). My original data source is ,_2014 The graph clearly shows that as the poll gets closer more people are making their minds up, and that the gap between the views is narrowing. Yesterday saw a major effort by the No campaign to influence the Don't Knows which won't yet have made its way into the opinion data as the latest one was only published yesterday. If you haven't made up your mind yet then you might be the person that decides the outcome. Here are some useful links that might be of assistance in gathering the facts (NB apply buckets of salt to anything said by politicians,…
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Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been doing the rounds to raise awareness (and funding) for ALS, which is known as Motor Neurone Disease in the UK. My wife nominated me, and I did it. I also thought it was worth make a small regular donation to MND every month and did this through the Just Giving website. I posted the video on facebook, you ought to be able to see it without logging in as I made it public. Post by James Kemp. Related articles Macmillan Cancer accused of 'hijacking' the ice bucket challenge ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Info McAvoy nominates Salmond for Ice Bucket Challenge For millions in donations, just add cold water Alex Salmond soaked after saying Yes to ice bucket challenge US man with motor neurone disease ALS takes Ice Bucket Challenge Alistair Darling proves we're…
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