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Decoding Assignment Questions – Three Steps to Success

If you want to get a good grade in your open university tutor marked assignment (TMA) then you must answer the assignment questions. I've written about the other steps to getting awesome assignment marks before. However a few more tutorials, and some painful personal experience, has shown that I need to revisit answering the assignment questions. Three Steps to Decoding Assignment Questions Read the assignment questions closely Identify the thinking or cognitive skills Pick out appropriate theories from the assignment questions 1. Reading the Assignment Questions Closely The people that write our assignment questions are very careful in their use of language. They pick the words to give us clues, and they use them precisely. So spend some time reading the question and make no assumptions about what you are being asked to do. Break the assignment questions into each…
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B204 Leadership, Influencing and Change – Tutorial Two Tips

Three models of change in scientific theories, depicted graphically to reflect roughly the different views associated with Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn, and Paul Feyerabend. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I went to the B204 Leadership, Influencing and Change tutorial in the LSE a week or so ago, and I learnt quite a bit about TMAs and engaging with B204's course material. In summary there's a lot of material on this course, and you can't read it all. So don't try. A key part of the critical thinking required is choosing what to read, and knowing when you've got enough theory to answer the questions. B204 doesn't have an exam, so you don't need to cram everything in your head. Useful B204 Leadership Theories The tutor suggested that a good strategy for B204 Leadership, Influencing and Change was to focus on a small…
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T317 EMA Project Lessons

I'm now done studying until late September. For once I didn't finish the T317 EMA Project. Instead, I deferred until the next presentation. I keep the scores for the first three TMAs and need to repeat TMA4 and TMA5, which are linked to the T317 EMA Project. There were three reasons why I deferred, all linked to each other. In no particular order they were: - lack of time to study/work on my T317 EMA project - poor choice of T317 EMA project subject - unhappiness with quality of output & grades All of these are my fault. Partly they are circular. I had a downward spiral of motivation because I wasn't enthused by the project topic. This meant I didn't make the time to study. Also not studying meant that the grades deteriorated. The root cause for most of…
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Six Steps to an Awesome Open University Assignment

“Academics are like ” Like almost everything in life there is a knack to doing well in an Open University assignment (and this probably carries through to other kinds of assignments to). Knowing your stuff will get you a pass, but putting these tips into practice will turn that into a good pass, or even a distinction. This is my experience and things I've picked up from tutors and other students over the course of six modules from Level 1 through to Postgraduate. OU tutors are busy people and they are following a marking scheme. Mostly they are looking to find out how well you've passed the Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) or End of Module Assignment (EMA). So you need to make it as easy as possible for them to give you the best mark possible for the work you've done.…
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A215 – TMA3 Poetry – Chaos Monkeys

This is one of two poems submitted as part of the poetry assignment for A215 Creative Writing. Chaos Monkeys No typewriters for these monkeys, pressing random buttons on keyboards and boxen. There goes the power, the server’s down. Chaos monkeys cannot read, instead they watch Netflix, that set them free in the darkness of the internet. Where did they lurk before? Did they hide in the telephone exchanges, or with gremlins somewhere mechanical and unloved? Down dusty corridors behind doors marked 'no entry to unauthorised personnel'. All they want is somewhere warm, with food. Perhaps they are refugees from a lab where they spent time solving puzzles for treats, until they finally opened the door. At night they wandered corridors, climbed ladders looking for more. Like Pavlov's dog, they explore for food. Pressed into service they explore the world wide…
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