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How I write poetry

Before I started studying the Open University's A215 Creative Writing course I had never tried to write poetry, even though I've written several short stories and novellas. For TMA3 of A215 I had to write 40 lines of poetry. How I write poetry With one exception, which was my first attempt, all of my poems start as a freewrite on the subject, title or prompt. Normally I discard the first paragraph of the freewrite because it is overly literal, I use words and phrases from the remainder to form the basis of the first draft of a poem. Unlike my prose, where I typically draft in scrivener, the poetry starts on paper or a basic text editor. Subsequent drafts use the track changes feaure in a word processor. This allows me to see how each poem develops. Each draft is its…
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A215 Notebook Entry – Modern Witches

I wrote the notebook entry pictured below in support of the story I've written for TMA02 of the Open University A215 Creative Writing course I'm doing at the moment. While it was mostly written from memory it was evolving the role of 'cunning folk' as explained by several books on my 17th century bookshelf that I don't have time to properly reference (not least because I wrote this from memory and without re-consulting books I read some years ago for the most part). Handwritten notebook entry Related articles Writing, The Open University and Something Hidden Writing Exercise - Bored Athlete meets Lovesick Witch Cunning Folks Writing and Tension/Conflict Writing Exercise - Lovesick Witch Permission To Write Starting a blog December 2013 Blog-a-Thon: Get to Know Annalisa Carr!
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Second Assignment done

At last I have finished the second assignment for the B301 Making Sense of Strategy Open University course that I am currently doing. I got a week's extension to this one because I'd been a little unwell and very busy, so not managed to get any work done in time to get it done by 30th March (the original deadline). The task this time was to find an annual report for an organisation on the web and use it to describe the strategy that the organisation had followed in the period covered and also to critically examine whether they had conformed to technical rationality (and the clue in the question was to explain why they hadn't followed it). Well this one isn't as good as the last one, because although I got an extension to do it I spent much…
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First Assignment Submitted!

After a couple of sweaty days (mostly from the gout and related medication rather than the assignment it has to be said) I finished off my first (of 6) Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) for the B310 Making Sense of Strategy course I'm doing with the Open University. Next assignment is due in four weeks, so I'd better get started on it right away. Well perhaps tomorrow.  next tonight is to get some sleep. Related articles You can be creative and innovative () OpenLearn - The Open University ()
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