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Zombie Stories Breaking my Suspension of Disbelief

I've been reading zombie stories recently and enjoying them, Max Brooks World War Z for a second time and Frank Tayell's Surviving the Evacuation series (1-3 so far). However, there are a number of things though that I find it hard to keep my disbelief suspended in. Zombie Stories So I completely understand that zombie stories aren't about the hard science, or even about zombies. They're underlying tales of the human struggle with death. We also like the post apocalyptic survival thing. Who doesn't think they could break the rules and survive when society breaks down? It's a cool escapist fantasy, and there are hordes of zombie movies and books out there that pander to it. Zombie Pandemic English: The Spanish Influenza. Chart showing mortality from the 1918 influenza pandemic in the US and Europe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Pandemics happen.…
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Book Marketing Plan – Part One

Here's my book marketing plan for my novel Perfects that I will publish in January 2017. My current planned publication date is over 11 months away. You could be forgiven for thinking that I'm jumping the gun a bit. However what I've learnt is that doing this properly takes time. Planning the Book Marketing Plan A book marketing plan is no different to any other sort of project plan. You need to work out what you need to do, break it into bite sized chunks and identify the dependencies. I've done that and also identified my critical path. Working back from the start you need to be able to send out advance reading copies to reviewers. Many of the more popular, and therefore more useful, review sites have a wait time in months. So you need to allow about three…
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Themself – now available on kindle

Today is publication day for my latest book Themself - Confessions of an open university creative writing student. As the sub-title suggests it is about my experience of studying creative writing with the OU. Although Themself goes further than that and includes the things I've learnt from my experience of writing, studying and self publishing. Themself - Confessions of an open university creative writing student You'll find some of the content in Themself here on the blog, but only about half of it. You'll also find that I've edited it since I first published it on the blog. Although I've tried hard to keep to the original character of the contemporary blog posts about how I was feeling. The bits I've updated are where I'm summarising what I've learnt. There is also a lot of new material. All of the stories and poems…
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Predictive Tweets – A Game to Play with your Friends

I've noticed that the predictive text options on my phone have been much better than I expected. Sometimes I've been able to send SMS messages without having to type more than the first word. This gave me the idea for Predictive Tweets, a game you can play with your friends. Predictive Tweets Predictive tweets game in progress As a game this is quite simple. No app, no bloatware, just a twitter client on your phone. Pick a friend type their name or twitter handle at the beginning of your predictive tweet. Use only predictive text options available to you from on your phone to finish the tweet. Keep sending Predictive Tweets until you get a WTF or they work it out. Use the hash tag #predictivetweets on the predictive tweets when your friend has twigged. Once your friend realises something weird is going…
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Green Ink for happier editing?

For almost two decades I have used green ink when commenting on documents and for editing.  I've come to believe that green ink is the best colour for editing for a variety of reasons. Here they are.   Green Ink is psychologically positive Traditionally red ink has been used for correcting proofs. Red has a negative connotation, we use it for stop signs and prohibitions. Psychologically red can symbolise the blood from our work, and if there is a lot of red on the page then we get disillusioned and dispirited. So much so that UK civil service core competency framework has "wields the red pen" as an unacceptable trait for senior civil servants. Green Ink carries the opposite connotations to red ink. We use green for go, and for affirming things. So green ink on the page doesn't carry the…
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