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Horse-Riding Research Round-Up

My pseudo-viking YA fantasy novel moved from seaborne to horse-riding. Yngvild met a cavalry troop and learnt how to ride with them.  Like Yngvild, I've had to research how to look after horses, and how far you can travel on horseback. I've not done much horse-riding, I've been on horseback fewer than half a dozen times in my life. I've done it just enough to know that you can take a teenager and give them the basics of horse-riding in about half an hour, but I'm far from being a Dothraki! Horse-Riding for Writers An Argentine Lancer, this is pretty close to how I've imagined the cavalry unit that Yngvild met. (picture credit ) There are many good websites for writers interested in realistic portrayals of horse-riding and horse borne expeditions. There are some links at the bottom, but by…
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Imperfect – Scene 01 – Realisation

Imperfect Realisation I collected what I needed for my trip to see the place that I was born, and having psyched myself up for the trip I left the house. Almost as soon as I did I saw Rosie coming towards me at a very rapid walking pace and with a serious determined look on her face. She was only about ten feet away when I noticed her. "Hi, Rosie!" I cheerily greeted her. "Back inside. Quickly!" she replied, grabbing and spinning me round as she got to me without slowing down. As soon as we were inside Rosie apologised for handling me, "Look, I'm sorry about being rough on you, but it's important that we stick together for a bit. Have you seen Charlie or Cat recently?" "I haven't seen Charlie since yesterday morning, nor Cat since about tea-time yesterday.…
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