Dateline 3127.110-104

General Buck’s advanced HQ on West Continent, Cydonia

The Martians have landed! They made a major landing with most of a GF division just outside OLYMPUS. My shuttle landing reinforcements for OLYMPUS diverted to ENSEMBLE as the nearest friendly location. A major assault on OLYMPUS took place with indiscriminate bombardment by the Martians, resulting in 4,000 civilian casualties, as well as wiping out my sea marine force (no reported survivors).

A third sea marine force successfully assaulted KUTCHI and displaced the enemy logistics base there. They took some casualties on the way in and two transport flyers were damaged also (but repairable).

Finnish Defence Forces Annual report 2002, p. 7
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On the North coast the enemy armoured division trapped south of DEANVILLE has been all but destroyed. The infantry component has dispersed into the woods and is no longer a fighting force. The tank brigade has been reduced to a combat ineffective cadre. My two tank brigades are at about 50% strength but I have been allocated four more RMP, so have enough to re-build them.

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