book cover for Exodus 2: Perfects by James Kemp
book cover for Exodus 2: Perfects by James Kemp

Exodus: Perfects, Part 2 of my NaNoWriMo 2012 novel, has been released on amazon for kindle. It takes a different tack from Exodus part 1, which followed a US Space Command Colonel and his part on the trigger event that will lead to (some) people leaving the Earth because either they personally aren’t welcome there any more (as is the case for the ‘Perfects‘ in part 2) or what they want to do isn’t tolerated.

Who are the Perfects?

So the ‘Perfects’ of the title are a group of people that are the result of some unauthorised, and unethical, experiments conducted by a genetic therapy company in the 2030s. The embryos were supposed to have been destroyed, but Haephestus Genetics had them implanted into surrogate mothers instead. In the meantime the re-surgance of religion and associated public attitudes has turned people against this sort of thing, and our two primary characters are trying to cope with life where they are legally discriminated against in Cambridge of 2050.

Exodus 2: Perfects Synopsis

This section of the story covers the life of both Charlie & Pandora in the run up to the events of Part 1, in a sort of prequel ish kind of way. It stops short of the main events of 20th March, mainly because I decided to make it the same length as Part 1, which meant cutting it in half. I could have told the two character’s stories independently, but because they are intertwined I wanted to present them together, rather than looking like I’d simply re-written a section from a different point of view later.

Timing for Exodus 3: Imperfect

The thing most driving my timetable for this is my Open University studies. I’m coming into the final stretches of MST121 Using Mathematics, which has the last assignment due on 15 May, and an exam on 6th June. So I’ll not be doing any more editing before the beginning of June. However I’m confident that I will be able to do Part 3 (still having about 20,000 words in reserve from November) by the end of June.

PS Exodus: Mike’s Thread is free on amazon on 5th & 6th May.

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