The Black Island
The Black Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somehow Tintin passed me by as a kid. The books were there in my local library alongside the Asterix ones, but I never wanted to check them out and read them. No idea why that was.

However, my seven year old son did want to read them, probably because he saw the movie first. So having devoured The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure he wanted to read the rest of Tintin. So I took him to the library and we borrowed Tintin and the Black Island.

It is an entertaining and engaging story. Tintin is an action hero and despite the setbacks he saves the day. It isn’t all action though, there’s loads of humour all through the book, almost every page has at least one gag, many of which are visual and in the background.

Anyway, we liked it so much we’ve used the online catalogue to order up some of the other Tintin stories that our local library doesn’t have on its shelves.

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