Worked at home this morning from 9 until about 11 before driving down to Brighton for a meeting in a hotel off the sea front. Tracy and Alexander took advantage of this to hitch a lift to the seaside. While I was locked in a basement meeting room they were paddling in the kiddy pool and enjoying ice cream (Alexander definitely likes ice cream
because you can’t have one without him making a dive for it!)

After my meeting we had a nice walk along the pier in the sunshine (after I managed to get out of my work clothes into t-shirt and shorts). Very pleasant indeed and much cooler than it was at home (apparently it was about four degrees Centigrade cooler in Brighton). Unfortunately the fish restaurant on the pier was closed for sit in food when we went there for dinner.

Dinner was a bit disappointing in the Harry Ramsdens near the sea front, but we didn’t have much in the way of cash and were too tired to do lots of wandering about in the heat looking for either a cash machine or a place that took switch. With hindsight I wish I’d gone for more of a wander for some money as there was a very nice looking fish and chip place on the beach.

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