Now that the paint has dried the potting shed isn’t looking pink at all, a much more reasonable colour.


To the left of the picture is the area that I tried my hand at growing
things in last summer, although the extremely wet weather meant that
very little was produced by the crops. The slugs ate most of the onions
and the potatoes didn’t fare that brilliantly either! I’ve got a new
batch of earlies chitting on the counter in the potting shed, inside
the incubator that you can see on the front left corner of the window.
Hopefully this morning’s frost didn’t do them any harm.

Potting Shed - Side
Over the weekend I’ve also managed to clear some brambles, plant a
hydrangea bush and fix a rocking flagstones on the driveway.

The next thing to do is plant a rose bush up against the fence at the
edge of the patio (I intend to draw a little map so that you can see
where I am referring to, but other things have got in the way, not
least of which that I have misplaced the wee book with the garden
measurements in it.

Green Shoots

The chillis seeds that I planted the other week have produced 5
seedlings, one for each seed. More than I expected as they were two
years old from my first crop in 2006. They are currently living in a
little peat pot inside a large glass jar on the kitchen window sill, so
lots of heat and light.

A couple of the other seeds are sprouting, mainly a couple of sweet
peppers, but not yet recognisable as seedlings (still white sprouting
rather than little green two leaved plants).