I’m currently on the 12:30 from King’s Cross to Durham (it goes to Newcastle, but I’m getting off at Durham). This is a business trip, but for once I’m on a standard ticket instead of first class. I have to say that I now appreciate first class all the more! There is a reason why on the few occasions that I have travelled by train in the last few years I’ve bought myself first class tickets. 

Quite simply it is about space and comfort. There is miles more leg room, table space and seat in the first class compartments compared to the standard. You don’t feel like you are in other people’s way nor cramped in any way. There is room to breathe.

Not only that, but the wifi is faster in first class, and there is free coffee brought to you at your table. Also, there is less chance of being over-looked when you are working. That last is quite an important point as I am not allowed to work if I can be over-looked. The loss of three productive hours (in each direction) of my time is more than the cost of the ticket.

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