It has been a week since we got our shiny new government and already it feels like we’ve set the calendar back 13 years or so. The language has changed, we’re now supposed to talk about ‘the public’ instead of ‘customers’ and ‘operations’ rather than service delivery’. Not only that but we’ve got a Lord Chancellor and a Department for Education back again. 

Also there is a very strong possibility that my performance related pay is going to be taken away, even though the year is completed and I have performed very strongly (in the top quartile). That said I’ll still be better off than many of my colleagues who have been informed that they are at risk of being redeployed, for some of whom that will mean to another career. Although I suspect we’ll be allowed to go back to calling it redundancy again…
We’ve got Damian Green MP as our Minister of State, the man who was arrested for handling leaked documents from the Home Office when we was an opposition spokesman. As you might imagine he’ll be well disposed to senior officials, or at least to disposing of many of them. Never the less I suppose that he has impeccable credentials for freedom of speech and civil liberties, and he is leading the charge to abolish identity cards and the database state. Might mean that I can blog about work a bit more than I have done in the past. 
This is, from my experience so far, a very interesting time. 
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