I’ve just done my second introductory session of Choi Kwang Do at the Ellis Academy of CKD in Redhill. I’m looking forward to lots more sessions and getting fit again.

Choi Kwang-Do
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Although I can tell that I’ve done more exercise in the last two days than in a long time I don’t feel wiped out or punished. The form of exercise is pretty natural and follows the way we move anyway, so lots of sweat, a feeling of burn during exercise, but not torture. An ideal way for the office bound fatboy to get back into shape!

Another thing that makes it attractive are the people at EACKD. They are very friendly, keen to show and explain and they have a sense of humour which makes it fun to train rather than seriously competitive (although they do all take it seriously, there is no doubt people here love to do CKD and be the best they can). There are also a fair number of kids in the earlier sessions, including Alexander.

The full on hitting targets is also good fun, especially after frustrations at work…

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