I was unexpectedly unwell at the same time that the two days of free promo kicked in, so I didn’t get to push it, nor to ask those getting a free copy to give me feedback, so I’ll just need to hope that some people do. Certainly, if I get a book for free I’ll write a review, as I did for Farewell Horizontal (although I quite often write reviews anyway).

Anyway, the result was that for the 48 hours that Exodus: Mike’s Thread was free, 6 Brits and 127 Americans (or at least people living in those areas) downloaded it. So that means that, I hope, 133 people have read my story. That’s a good start and probably more than I hoped without having pushed it much.

The next step is to finish off my Maths TMA and when I’ve made some progress I’ll probably do another free promo with some pre-announcements of when it will be. I’m thinking of 1st March as the most likely date for that.

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