Marketing EssentialsMarketing Essentials by Sally Dibb

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was the main course book for the marketing component of an undergraduate business module (B203). As a course book this was functionally useless. For example the introduction of the extended marketing mix on pg319 is simply a bulleted list. The very next section, where normally one would expect referenced explanation of the concept is about Service Quality. This is somewhat a non-sequitor. This made it very trying to engage with the course material.

There are nuggets of useful information in there, and an interesting section on how public and charitable organisations differ from for profit companies. However it is very badly structured, not everything is properly explained or referenced. If the author had written this as an undergrad assignment then they would have failed.

What it needs is a very good re-edit for the third edition so that the material is more sensibly laid out, everything has a proper explanation and the references are not other books by the authors.

Don’t buy this if you have a choice.

PS – despite the book I managed to score a 2:1 level pass on the marketing assignment, so not a sour grapes one star review. The book truly is awful.

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