Guess Who I Pulled Last Night?Guess Who I Pulled Last Night? by Nikki Ashton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I picked this up cheaply on kindle because it was in the top ten sellers list and I’m trying to read a wider selection of fiction in the hope of making my own stories better by reading and observing.

The story itself was interesting, and I can see a real human angle on it. There are three friends in their 30s dealing with quite different life outcomes and trying to deal with their own traumas. It’s a sort of condensed soap opera of a book, and I can see why that might well attract a lot of readers looking for a bit of escapism by reading about how others have more problems than they do.

The characters are reasonably well developed, and there is a growth in the course of the story, however I didn’t really empathise that much with them. Also I’m not that into the whole soap opera thing and so I didn’t enjoy it that much. However that is down to me and my preferences for stories rather than anything to do with the author.

If you like soap opera style stories then this might float your boat.

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