The next course on my Open University degree is a departure from the Business Studies focus, I’ll be studing Creative Writing (course code A215). I got the course materials the other day, a big red book (affectionately known to the students of A215 as BRB); some CDs with author interviews and a study guide.

Controversially amongst those on the forum there is no list of TMA questions (all the usual guidance etc is there, but the core questions that tell you what is required are missing). Theories abound on whether this is to get us to engage first, or whether they are just still re-writing the TMA questions. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. The course website and tutor group forums are due to open on Wednesday.

I’m looking forward to this course, for what I hope are obvious reasons if you’ve read the blog before. However I haven’t really got down to reading the BRB because I’ve been using my time to try and finish off the Exodus Series so that I can focus on the course.

The other thing I want to do is collect up a list of the other students on my course with blogs and published material to make a new blog-roll for that, so that even when I cannot personally keep you entertained you might get something from others. One of the things I have noticed is that we cannot publish material that we want to use in an assignment until after that assignment has been marked, so there may well be chunks of things appearing shortly after assignments have been sent back to us!

Here’s are the A215 blogs I’ve found so far:

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