The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's GuideThe Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide by Pawel Sariel Kmiec

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I bought this for my son to go with his Christmas presents of Lego Wedo and a couple of Lego Technic sets. It is a totally amazing book, with really clear and easy to follow explanations of the engineering concepts along with fully illustrated step by step building diagrams in the style of the official lego sets.

As well as explaining the technology in a way that I could see you using to pass an A Level in it, there is also a heavy focus on how to build lego models of all sorts of things. There is a section towards the back of the book about how to design your own models from blueprints and scale drawing. On top of that there are some examples of building at odd angles and how to solve problems to produce faithful models.

Definitely something that serious lego builders need to have on their bookshelves, or more likely on the table next to a pile of lego and a part built model…

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