I’ve not been able to post much for the last couple of weeks, I had a bout of cellulitis in my left leg which knocked me out for a few days, followed by lots of antibiotics. On top of that I’ve been spending what time I have for writing on the end of module assessment (EMA) for the creative writing course. This time it is back to fiction rather than continuing with poetry, because fiction is what I want to write (the poetry has been fun and interesting and it takes lots of craft, but I find writing¬†stories more interesting).

So far I’m 5,000 words in to a 2,750 word short story. So there needs to be lots of editing done (which I’m sure will be fine, there is lots of detail and dialogue that I can pare down now that I know what the story is). All I’ll say at this stage is that it is an urban fantasy style story set in Berlin 1953 with some old nazis in it and an SOE agent and a Maquisard looking for revenge. That said, I’ll not be pointing out the urban fantasy nature of things to the tutors that will be marking it. It’s a short story about revenge and tying up loose ends with some odd features.


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