You may have gathered a political viewpoint from my blog posts. You may or may not agree with it. That’s your prerogative. I’m fine with you believing what you want to believe, just don’t try to convert me without evidence or a damn good argument. Also don’t try if you get upset when flaws in your preferred political party’s policies are pointed out.

Personally I am staunchly apolitical, out of choice as much as because my job as a middle ranking civil servant requires me to be so. I do my best to be completely even handed and sticking to evidence based facts. I also try and see things from multiple perspectives as much as possible. Where I support things it is because I have tested the policy and looked at the flaws and alternatives. When I get new evidence I reevaluate, and where appropriate change my opinion.

When it comes to voting I support no party. In fact I actively dislike the political party system as it currently stands. It gives politicians the wrong incentives. They should be there to represent their electors and not vested interests. Parties encourage politicians to take a tinted perspective and vote the way someone tells them rather than to look at the issues, talk to their constituency and then vote in the best interests of the people that elected them.

When I go to vote I never vote for the incumbent, my view is that every politician should fear for their job at the next election so that they take it seriously and represent us rather than the biggest donors to their party. Instead I try to work out who will be second and vote for them instead. The lower the majority the better. Frequent changes of incumbent is also good. It keeps the politicians in their toes.

In local elections I try to vote for the candidate that lives closest to me. I want my local councillor to be local.

There are limits that I do not cross. I will never, ever vote for a party that promotes bigotry, homophobia, nationalist fervour or racism. Those are the path to the dark side. I also prefer parties that campaign positively and use reason and logic. However I’ve yet to meet one of those in a place that might win. I also have a low tolerance for single issue flights of fancy. Parties with hugely impractical solutions to marginal problems just cannot have my vote.

These standards mean that I have spoiled more votes than I’ve cast in Parliamentary elections. My first was 1992 and I’ve never missed a general election or referendum that I’ve been allowed to vote in. Every time I’ve thought carefully about it. Nothing is done randomly or out of habit.