Yesterday I gave some first impressions from the 2015 Camp Bestival, today it is the turn of my Camp Bestival pictures. It was an awesome weekend and I took a shedload of pictures, both on my phone and with my proper camera. I’ve not properly looked through them all, the better ones will make it to my public Flickr album.

Camp Bestival Pictures

I posted a few of my Camp Bestival pictures to Flickr over the weekend and all of those were tweeted at the time. Here are a few selected tweets with the Camp Bestival pictures attached.

NB: the official @dickndom account favourited that last tweet, which I’m pretty proud about!

The reason that the tweets stop here is that is about when my phone ran out of battery, or rather the portable power bank didn’t have enough juice left to recharge it any more. It did well, three full charges for a smartphone, although that was two for me and one for my wife’s phone! Here’s one last summary picture of the huge I love Camp Bestival sign near the Big Top.

Camp Bestival picture

I’m adding more to my Flickr Camp Bestival album as I work through the ones taken on my proper camera, there are several hundred of those, so don’t necessarily go checking right away…