As the title says, you can get a kindle version of Themself for free until the 19th of July (actually about 0700 GMT on the 20th). Here’s a link

You don’t need a kindle to read it though. Amazon do apps for iPhone and Android as well as other types of smartphones. There is also a cloud reader that lets you read from anything that supports a web browser. So if you can read this blog post then you can read the book. 

Reviews, however short, are always very welcome. I like it if you can share what you liked, or didn’t like, but I’m just as happy if you react by giving it a rating. Any rating is better than no rating. If you hated it, that’s fine. No book is for everyone and the purpose of reviewing is to help other people know whether or not they might like something. 

Anyway, here’s your opportunity for a free copy of Themself: my experience as a creative writing student