I’ve had a fascination with visiting Berlin since my early teens, if not earlier. I did German at secondary school, and the class had a map of Berlin with the wall in 3d. The exchange student, Frauche, was a west Berliner. The city was firmly divided back then, I was at uni when the wall finally came down. Somehow it took me about thirty years to get round to visiting Berlin for the first time.

Visiting Berlin

Visiting Berlin was a family holiday, so I had both children and my wife with me. The kids are 4 and 10. Berlin isn’t that child friendly, it was hard to find things for the little one. My elder was OK most of the time. I think we broke them both with walking about, even though we made an effort to use the busses, trams and s-bahn.

Some surprises

  • Nowhere had a children’s menu
  • You pay for the toilets, everywhere
  • You can tell East from West by the pedestrian crossing lights
  • Germans drink beer with breakfast
  • Berlin’s history has been heavily airbrushed and almost nothing survives

While we were there we saw a lot of holocaust related things, and some cold war things. I’ll probably write more about those 0n other days. We also visited the Labyrinth Children’s Museum which was ace. Alexanderplatz was our main hangout on all four days. Overall we had an excellent family holiday, but it works best with older children (maybe 8+, they need to be happy walking and staying up late) or just grown-ups.