I backed Secret Hitler on Kickstarter a little while back, and it finally arrived! I’m really looking forward to playing it, but it might be a while as it is a five to ten player game.

Secret Hitler – what’s in the box?

Here are a handful of pictures of what is in the box.

The box, two of the three double sided tracking boards, the places for the President and Chancellor, voting cards and policy tokens.

The back of the Chancellor’s placard, with a summary of the relevant game rules on the back. It’s sitting on the liberal party’s board, these are all identical on all three game boards. On the other side are the fascist policy tracker boards that depend on the number of players.

The back of the President’s placard. As you can see the President has a more involved role, although the office rotates every turn. It’s sitting on a fascist tracker, as fascist policies are enacted the President is forced to take an executive action. There are three versions of the fascist tracker, one for 5 or 6 players, another for 7 or 8 and the third for 9 or 10 players.

Secret Hitler – the game

What attracted me to Secret Hitler was the nature of the game. It’s a hidden scenario, the players have secret roles, the liberals are in the majority to start with. However none of the liberals know who the fascists are. With larger numbers (7 and up) Hitler also doesn’t know who the other fascists are. The fascists always know who the others are.

So the whole game is about bluffing and manipulation to achieve your objectives and keep your enemies guessing until it is too late.

I’m looking forward to playing it. Let me know if you are too and perhaps we can sort out a group big enough to play.