I haven’t written for a while, and there are good reasons behind that, we’re moving North! Until February all my spare time was spent online looking at houses in Scotland that we could move to.

Moving North

Finding a New Home in the North

The February half term week was spent with a massive driving expedition across Scotland. We stayed at Blackridge, between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Over the course of the week we saw several houses on both coasts of Scotland and both south and north of the central belt. In the end we chose a fab house outside the area we’d been expecting, in NE Scotland between Dundee and Aberdeen.

Preparing to Move

The living room being packed, boxes surround the sofas. and packing material is strewn around as it is is slowly wrapped around the contents of the house
The living room in the old house being packed ready for moving north. (Photo: James Kemp)

Since then it’s been a mix of packing books, of which there are quite literally thousands, and getting rid of stuff we don’t want to take. We’ve also had all the anxiety of conveyancing, and the delays and trials it brings. Originally we were supposed to be moving in early May, and then things slipped a few days here, a week there. Now it’s mid-June, and there are a lot of boxes packed up.

Moving North!

A luton van parked on the driveway in front of a semi-detached house with a built-in garage. Above the black garage door a rainbow flag flies in the light breeze.
Moving Van at the old house just before we being moving north! (Photo: James Kemp)

So today is pretty much the first time I’ve not been able to do things in my house. I’m sitting on my now bare patio (apart from two folding chairs) while the packers put everything else in boxes and load their vans.

Alex has done us a playlist for when we follow the movers, with the Proclaimers 500 miles as the first song, along with Highway to Hell for the entry to the M25! Highway to Hell is doubly appropriate, because our new house is in the same town that Bon Scott was born in.