Driesh is the closest munro to our new house in Scotland, and Mayar is only a couple of miles on the same ridge from it. So on Saturday 22nd July Alex and I went for a walk to bag two more munros by doing Driesh, and then Mayar. We did them in that order because of the proximity, even though most of the guides have the walk in the opposite direction. Our route was up the Kilbo path on the  side of the Shank of Drumfollow to a saddle between Driesh and Mayar. We then detoured East for a mile to the summit of Driesh, and then back to the same point to approach the summit of Mayar from the East. We then turned North and walked to the source of the Fee Burn and then descended into Corrie Fee and walked the two miles or so back to the car park.

You can see the details of our route, Driesh and then Mayar, on OS Maps.

Driesh and then Mayar

Glen Doll Car Park

Glen Doll Ranger Station at the car park. (Photo: James Kemp)

The start point was Glen Doll Car Park, which has a ranger centre with toilets next to it. There’s also plenty of place to have a picnic. There were a number of camper vans in when we parked up, and we met a couple more coming in when we were leaving around nine in the evening.

There’s no trouble finding the car park, it’s at the end of several miles of single-track road with passing places. There’s a small fee for parking, it currently costs £3 to park a car all day, and a bit more for a camper van.

Ascent to Driesh

When we were driving in the cloud obscured the summit.








There's a project in the Cairngorms National Park to regularly take pictures from the same point so that they can assess how the landscape has changed. This is post #19 to indicate where to take the photo from.
Cairngorms Scenic Photo Post #19 (Photo: James Kemp)




There was no signal on the climb up, and as soon as we moved off the summit we lost the 4G we had. So the tweets stopped at that point.

Me looking at the camera on the left of the picture. The background is white from fog, with the cairn at the top of Mayar in the middle, and my son adding a stone to it on the right of the picture (in the middle ground)
The view from the summit of Mayar (Munro #003) (Photo: James Kemp)


White waterfalls against grey/blue rock surrounded by greenery
The fee burn waterfalls coming off Mayar (Photo: James Kemp)
Corrie Fee looking down from the South, a cliff with scree boulders on the left, a valley floor with a meandering river and morrains in the foreground with a forest in the distance
Corrie Fee looking North, from the top of the plateau. (Photo: James Kemp)