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Brexit – what will the European Union do?

There's been discussion on the potential for a British Exit (Brexit) from the European Union. 98% of the noise is uncritical electioneering from the Brexit supporters. Even the pro-EU folk have their anglocentric specs on. Good strategy looks at different perspectives. I think we should look at how other European countries might see Brexit. European Perspectives on the EU Britain sees the EU quite differently from the original founding members. We were one of the first wave of joiners, nearly twenty years after it started. Our membership has always been about economic benefit to the UK. In contrast the French, Germans and Benelux countries view it as providing political stability to Europe. Their driver was avoiding another European war. The original treaty was signed in 1954, nine years after WW2 ended. Much of Germany was still in ruins, France was little better. So…
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2015 Top Ten Posts on Themself

During 2015 Themself had 14,500 visitors who viewed 22,640 posts/pages according to the Jetpack stats. The 2015 Top Ten Posts are a bit different from the 2014 Top Ten Posts, although there are some in both lists. I've commented in the list to show you last year's placing for the older posts. I've written 128 new posts & 1 new page in 2015, which added 81,509 words. That's enough for a novel. I also forked the games and military history bits over to which has had a number of unique posts. The originals are still here on Themself, but as I get round to it I will be setting the SEO so that they canonical version is on Hot Blood & Cold Steel. That's another thing new in 2015, I started using the Yeast SEO plugin late in the year.…
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Influential Books – Ten Books You Should Read

Some of my most influential books A friend recently did a facebook list of the ten most influential books that had the most impact on his life, and he tagged me in it. This got me thinking.  I found it hard to identify ten influential books.  I firmly believe that every book you read is an influential book and has some sort of impact on your life. One of the issues I have is that I’ve read a lot of books. I’m reading 50-60 books a year just now. I read more before the internet. Doing an OU degree also cut down my reading rate. In 2012, just before my daughter was born, I gave up my study for her bedroom. I filled over 20 crates with books to keep, the ones I thought that I might re-read or refer to later. I gave…
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B203 Exam tomorrow

The exam for B203 is tomorrow afternoon, I can't honestly say that I've done enough prep for it but all I need is a pass. I've already done enough to secure a 2:1 for my degree and this is the last of the mandatory modules I need to do. It's also the least favourite of the modules I've done. Tomorrow night it will be done, barring the need for a resit if I fail the exam. Instead of blogging I've been cramming theory on Operations Management, Information Management, Accounting & Finance, Marketing and HR Management into my head. I've also been putting my notes into a personal wiki that you can find at  if you too are one of the people studying B203 with the open university. Let me know if you find it useful. Next up will be T317…
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B203 Information Management

Information Management Framework (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I spent Friday immersed in information management, courtesy of the last (of six) assignments for the Open University course B203 (Business Functions in Context). Up until I started this module every time someone mentioned the term 'Information Manager' I internally translated it to 'Librarian'. Generally I've not enjoyed B203 as much as the previous six course, probably because it is too wide (it covers Operations, Marketing, Finance, HR & Information Management). Also some of the text books are just dire, especially the Marketing and Information Management ones. Information Management != Librarian English: The relationship between Information Science, Computer Science, Information Systems and Management. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) What I have learnt is that information management is not about being a librarian, nor an archivist. I'd already separated it conceptually from Information Technology (IT or ICT)…
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