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Well Alexander isn't running yet, but he is a lot better at walking. It has been a busy few weeks with not a lot of time to do anything more than play with Alexander, sort myself out for work, eat, sleep and go to and from the office. Tracy has also been working both weekends which has meant that I've not managed to do anything those days either as Alexander and I have been having fun and he has been having his sleeps when we've been out thus reducing the little time I get to use a computer (and by implication post to this blog). Anyway we're gearing up to go to Detling this weekend for the annual multi-period historical re-enactment event run by Kent County Council. It is one of the biggest going in the country, perhaps only the English Heritage Festival of History comes close to it in terms…
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Alexander walked unassisted for the first time this afternoon!There is a short (13 second) video on the web of him taking not quite his first steps. Sadly I missed the very first time he did it because I was putting the cover back on his car seat - although he has recently taken two steps and then stopped when standing up so it could be said that he has walked already, but today is really the first day that he has properly walked. Anyway the afternoon has mostly been taken up with getting him to walk backwards and forwards between Tracy and me. The bit that wasn't doing that was getting the video into a usable format for the web and making sure the grandparents could watch it.
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