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Duke of Piraxis – SciFi draft on wattpad

working cover for Duke of Piraxis Over the last couple of weeks I outlined a science fiction story with the working title Duke of Piraxis. It's about a new colony in the early days of human deep space travel. Despite the name Duke of Piraxis doesn't feature nobility. The Chief Executive is called Duke. They decided to call the colony Piraxis. Hence Duke of Piraxis as he's the primary point of view in what I've written so far. Inspiration for Duke of Piraxis So what inspired me to write the story was a TV programme where Michael Portillo visited Romania. At the beginning of the 20th century the Romanians got themselves a King. They built railways all over the country and also a fantastic palace. It made me think of some of the fantasy steampunk stories. Then I thought, maybe…
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Attacked by a Zombie Baby (Story)

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This week I have been attacked by a story about a zombie baby. After spending too much time thinking about what was wrong with some contemporary zombie stories I ended up writing a bit of one to get it out of my head. Zombie Baby Patient zero in my story is a zombie baby. I had an interesting Twitter conversation with some doctors about how an Accident and Emergency might approach it. On the face of it we have a baby that is alive, it reacts to sight and sound and tries to grab people and bite them. So it's alive. However, no discernible pulse or respiration. Here are just some of the tweets I've been writing my zombie baby story in the wattpad app because…
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Predictive Tweets – A Game to Play with your Friends

I've noticed that the predictive text options on my phone have been much better than I expected. Sometimes I've been able to send SMS messages without having to type more than the first word. This gave me the idea for Predictive Tweets, a game you can play with your friends. Predictive Tweets Predictive tweets game in progress As a game this is quite simple. No app, no bloatware, just a twitter client on your phone. Pick a friend type their name or twitter handle at the beginning of your predictive tweet. Use only predictive text options available to you from on your phone to finish the tweet. Keep sending Predictive Tweets until you get a WTF or they work it out. Use the hash tag #predictivetweets on the predictive tweets when your friend has twigged. Once your friend realises something weird is going…
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Poetry Pointers

This is a post I wrote for Castlegreen Publishing and was first published on   Poetry Pointers Given that we're looking for poetry at the moment we thought that folk might find it useful to give you some insight into what we're expecting and perhaps also some pointers on writing poetry that works for us. This is especially intended to help anyone struggling with their inner editor over whether or not their work is good enough to submit. Guidelines for the wise Poetry is a process, just like prose poems don't spring onto the page fully formed expect to polish poetry through several drafts to get it just right first drafts are always unpublishable, don't be discouraged by this, it gives you material that you can craft Poetry works best when read aloud From the second or third draft record yourself reading aloud and…
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