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Writer’s Bookshelf – Bookshelves Abound = #Shelfie 07

Given that November is National Novel Writing Month, the Bookshelves Abound series naturally continues with my Writer's Bookshelf. This is the fifth of the five bookshelves on the upstairs landing. It sits between the New Bookshelf and my bedroom door. Writer's Bookshelf My writer's bookshelf, where all the books on the craft of writing go, as well as useful reference works. The Writer's Bookshelf is where I've collected books about writing, language and other reference works that I think might be useful for writing or editing stories. It also has some general background works as potential research for stories that I have planned outlines for, or have written as short stories and think that I could expand. Let's start with the top and work down. Reference Works The very top shelf has a whole bunch of popular science and practical reference works. Most…
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New Bookshelf – Bookshelves Abound = #Shelfie 06

The Bookshelves Abound series continues with the New Bookshelf. This one of the five bookshelves on the upstairs landing. It sits between the Academic Bookshelf and my Writer's Bookshelf. New Bookshelf the new bookshelf, where the new (to me) books go awaiting their turn to be read (or shelved elsewhere). The New Bookshelf is where I put all my new books when I first acquire them. It's perhaps the most overloaded Games The top two shelves of the new bookshelf has board games on it. Some of these are very old, I started playing Panzer Blitz & Panzer Leader when I was at university (1989-92). Most of the others have been acquired in 1990s, although there are some recent acquisitions, notably Shogun and Settlers of Catan. Periodicals There are two journals on these shelves. The one that you can see most…
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Academic Bookshelf – Bookshelves Abound = #Shelfie 05

The Bookshelves Abound series continues with the Academic Bookshelf. This one of the five bookshelves on the upstairs landing. It sits next to the window at the top of the stairs and is next to the new bookshelf, the one the new books go on until I have time to read and shelf them properly. Academic Bookshelf The thinnest upstairs bookshelf is the academic bookshelf, which has a lot of university textbooks on it The Academic Bookshelf is so titled because most of the books on it are from various university courses that I've studied. It doesn't have every single academic book that I own on it. There just wouldn't be room, even if I cleared the games from the academic bookshelf. Working from the top, here's a run down of what you can find on the academic bookshelf Games The…
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Lucy’s Bookshelf – Bookshelves Abound = #Shelfie 04

This week Lucy's Bookshelf continues the series of bookshelf postings. This is one of two bookshelves that Lucy has books on. The other will feature on its own post another time. Lucy's Bookshelf Lucy's bookshelf in her bedroom This is Lucy's bookshelf, it's in her bedroom and as well as books it also has a small menagerie of stuffed and plastic animals on top of it. Like most of our bookcases this one came from Ikea. Unlike most of them it is small and white so that it matches the rest of Lucy's bedroom furniture. This is not unique as Lucy's bookshelf (there is another downstairs in the living room and we regularly swap the books around so that she has a chance with them all). The downstairs bookshelf will feature another time so that you can see that too. Lucy…
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Garden Bookshelf – Bookshelves Abound = #Shelfie 03

I thought I'd mix it up with a Shelfie of my Garden Bookshelf. As mentioned in the previous posts, there are books all around my house, even in the garden.  When it comes to keeping it fresh, the air doesn't get much fresher than around the Garden Bookshelf! Garden Bookshelf The Garden Bookshelf is in my potting shed. The books share a makeshift shelf with fertiliser, tomato food and some pavement chalks. There are also other odds and ends accumulated by the occasional gardener. Gloves, secateurs, twine, seeds, linseed oil, wd40, tins of nikwax. You name it and it's probably on the Garden Bookshelf or within a few feet. The books are primarily reference books we've picked up in charity shops. They're all related to things that we grow, or have tried to grow. One or two are of things…
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