This week Lucy’s Bookshelf continues the series of bookshelf postings. This is one of two bookshelves that Lucy has books on. The other will feature on its own post another time.

Lucy’s Bookshelf

Lucy's bookshelf in her bedroom
Lucy’s bookshelf in her bedroom

This is Lucy’s bookshelf, it’s in her bedroom and as well as books it also has a small menagerie of stuffed and plastic animals on top of it. Like most of our bookcases this one came from Ikea. Unlike most of them it is small and white so that it matches the rest of Lucy’s bedroom furniture.

This is not unique as Lucy’s bookshelf (there is another downstairs in the living room and we regularly swap the books around so that she has a chance with them all). The downstairs bookshelf will feature another time so that you can see that too.

Lucy is four years old and has just started school. She is getting to grips with the sounds of letters and common words, so mostly we read to her. Although she does enjoy sitting on her own looking through a book. She does like to read us stories using the pictures in her books. Lucy has a lot of books already, but most are too skinny for you to work out what they are.

She has a particular fondness for lift the flap books and also the ‘That’s not my…’ series of books (you can just see them on the top left shelf). Lucy’s Bookshelf does seem to be a story oriented one, she doesn’t have a lot of fact based books. Maybe its a girl thing, choosing stories over non-fiction?