I thought I’d mix it up with a Shelfie of my Garden Bookshelf. As mentioned in the previous posts, there are books all around my house, even in the garden. ¬†When it comes to keeping it fresh, the air doesn’t get much fresher than around the Garden Bookshelf!

Garden Bookshelf

The Garden Bookshelf is in my potting shed. The books share a makeshift shelf with fertiliser, tomato food and some pavement chalks. There are also other odds and ends accumulated by the occasional gardener. Gloves, secateurs, twine, seeds, linseed oil, wd40, tins of nikwax. You name it and it’s probably on the Garden Bookshelf or within a few feet.

The books are primarily reference books we’ve picked up in charity shops. They’re all related to things that we grow, or have tried to grow. One or two are of things that we might hope to attempt to gtow at some point in the future when we spend more time in the garden rather than gadding about having adventures.

In our garden we have some fruit trees. A large cherry tree that feeds the local birds. Two plum trees that first fruited this year and fed the local moths. I’ll be checking in the fruit book later for how to prevent that next year. We also have three apple trees, two of which give a reasonable crop. The third tree is still too small to expect apples from, maybe next year. We also have strawberries that give us lots of fruit.

The Garden Bookshelf doesn’t get used or added to like the others, but it’s the go to place when the plants don’t go as well as we expected.