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Britain’s Worst Rail Disaster – Quintinshill

Quintinshill Conspiracy The Quintinshill Conspiracy: The Shocking True Story Behind Britain's Worst Rail Disaster by Adrian SearleĀ and Jack Richards My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a forensic examination of Britain's worst train crash, which happened 100 years ago today. The authors got some material released early from the National Archives and also went through all the contemporary newspaper reports to painstakingly re-evaluate what happened. Their conclusion was that justice wasnt really done, and the normal inquiry process was cut short, probably because of the war. This meant that those truly responsible didn't face the consequences, nor were improvements in safety implemented as a result. The situation at Quintinshill was complex, the additional burden of wartime traffic, while still being expected to prioritise civilian express trains made life difficult for the railway signallers. The crash happened because of a…
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Blue Fires, Gary Hyland

"Gary Hyland owns a successful company that produces original sculptures. He has a long-held fascination for the Nazis' development of new technologies during the Second World War." Do I need to add any more? Synopsis This is one series of speculations about how the nazis might have invented (and built prototype) flying discs at the end of the second world war. There are parts that come across as well researched, particularly when describing the problems of the nazi era for scientists. However there is absolutely no evidence cited for what is contained in the book and even where it introduces things as speculative it then goes on later to treat them as if they were hard fact. However it does have a high entertainment value. That and I discovered that someone has rcently built a small flying disc out of…
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