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Black Belt Speed Drills

I went to watch the Choi Kwang Do black belt test of one of my son's close friends this morning at the Ellis Academy of Choi Kwang Do in Redhill, Surrey.  Here is a very short video (about 50 seconds) of her doing some speed drills as part of the test. I have to say I think it is awesome how fast they go, especially as they are only eight years old! Related articles Martial arts training helps children with cancer
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Black Belt Boy

A picture in celebration of my son getting his Choi Kwang Do black belt.   Alexander has a black belt! (Photo credit: greencoatboy) Video to follow.   Related articles Can my black belt help get me into college?
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Perfects – Chapter 1 Charlie

CHAPTER ONE Charlie So much for a safe, just and tolerant society. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d woken up in 1984 and everyone was spouting newspeak. From where I sit it is very plain that the tolerance for differences is only lip service. We were supposed to be living in a fair and equal society where we embraced diversity and didn't discriminate for any reason. But it was just bullshit. I am one of many innocent victims of an unscrupulous company conducting genetic modification experiments on human embryos. They wanted to make kids 'perfect'. Free from genetic diseases, susceptibilities; and also, if they could manage it, clever and good looking. They knew they were breaking the law when they did it, but they did it anway to see what the outcomes were. I was one of those embryos, supposed…
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