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Facebook – Annoying Distraction or Sinister Manipulation?

A linux laptop running wireshark to illustrate cyber defence in action (photo credit: James Kemp) If you are reading this on Facebook, my apologies. I've not logged in since November 2017 and I've recently deleted the app from my phone. I'd like to keep in touch with people, but Facebook doesn't make that easy any more.  Given the recent news about their changes I guess it isn't just me. Facebook's problem If you still have a Facebook account that you actively use then I'm sure you'll know this. Step back for a moment and scroll through the top dozen or so items. Don't engage with them, just take a long hard look. Count how many are original posts from close friends or family, people you actually know and enjoy spending time with. Not shares, comments or adverts. It's a small…
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Predictive Tweets – A Game to Play with your Friends

I've noticed that the predictive text options on my phone have been much better than I expected. Sometimes I've been able to send SMS messages without having to type more than the first word. This gave me the idea for Predictive Tweets, a game you can play with your friends. Predictive Tweets Predictive tweets game in progress As a game this is quite simple. No app, no bloatware, just a twitter client on your phone. Pick a friend type their name or twitter handle at the beginning of your predictive tweet. Use only predictive text options available to you from on your phone to finish the tweet. Keep sending Predictive Tweets until you get a WTF or they work it out. Use the hash tag #predictivetweets on the predictive tweets when your friend has twigged. Once your friend realises something weird is going…
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A Call To Action for Everyone in the UK

Yesterday was a victory for democracy, lets use that to make the UK genuinely better. Regardless of what result you wanted, the primary outcome of yesterday's referendum is showing that people can be engaged to vote. It had the highest turnout ever recorded for a democratic election in the UK. That needs to be kept up. People voted despite the politicians and their tired rhetoric. The politicals need to wake up and be scared for next May. If the rest of the UK puts half the effort into getting proper representatives for themselves that the Scots put into the referendum then there could be a lot of new faces in Westminster in 2015. That can only be a good thing for both democracy and the people of all of the United Kingdom. People don't vote because they don't think it…
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#ExplainAFilmPlotBadly my tweets

This twitter trend piqued my interest this morning and helped me avoid dealing with my end of module assessment for B120. Anyway here is my contribution to the infinite monkeys. If you think you recognise them feel free to reply on twitter.   Related articles What I Did With My Post-Event Time Last Night Victor Ganata: I haven't seen any #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly posts that top this description of "The Wizard of Oz", though: "Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again Guardians of the Galaxy Chaos Monkeys Explain a Film Plot Badly: Best 'Worst' Movie Descriptions - #explainafilmplotbadly Goes Viral Infinite Monkey Copyright Theory
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Thunderclap campaign #StartatGOVUK

The UK's Government Digital Service are launching a thunderclap () to encourage people to start at when accessing UK government information and services (#StartatGOVUK).  Be awesome and beat the scammers! Misleading websites There is a problem with websites pretending to be official UK government services. Some of these take money from people.  These unscrupulous people use google ads to get to the top of search engine rankings so that they are clicked on by people looking to interact with government. Scammers make people pay for free services ( E111 / EHIC are provided free, scammers charge people £20-£30) People pay twice for services ( scammers make people pay more for government services and often the person also has to pay for the real service when they access it - this has happened on driving licence renewals, tax self-assessment and urgent passport services) Dealing with the problem There are two main parts to the…
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