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Fierce Advance Reading Copies (ARC) Available

My fantasy novel Fierce is now available for pre-order and that means that I can make Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) available for those that are willing to read and review it ahead of formal publication in May. Ideally I'd like people who can read and review it before the end of April 2024 so that there are some reviews available during the pre-order period. About Fierce Placeholder book cover for Fierce (image: James Kemp) You can read the first chapter of Fierce elsewhere on this blog, I've updated it to reflect the current edit. Fierce was written very deliberately to the template of the Hero's Journey. So the first chapter is the pre-adventure normal. The enticing incident is in the second chapter and crossing the threshold follows that. Although I wrote twelve chapters, one for each of the stages of…
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Gudrid’s Prophecy for Yngvild [Fantasy]

I've been working on the second draft of Yngvild the Fierce (for which I still need beta readers - it's not too late to volunteer). One of the things I've produced is a prophecy that explains some of the behaviours of a powerful supporting character. I've tried to write it as ambiguously as possible if you don't know the story, and also in iambic pentameter. I'm not entirely sure that I've managed the latter. Gudrid's Prophecy Lost yet found, he stands tall far from the sea In among the ghosts of fallen spear carriers Where, women witness and are spared to bear daughters descended from god's fire made flesh. The father’s myriad faces are bent on elevation making kings, princes, cities. His lover's fierce flame flowers vigorously when her sacred sword sings in the old ways. Sacrifice to the old…
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Straven – Chapter 1 Fierce [Fantasy] [Updated]

Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. Over a thousand years old and the inspiration for Straven. (photo: James Kemp) Straven is the title of the first chapter in my fantasy novel, provisionally titled Fierce.  I'm now looking for reviewers to read and review it. If you liked Chapter 1 - Straven, and would be willing to read the whole novel and provide an honest review please get in touch.  The story starts in Straven, the home of both Yngvild and Noren. I've linked to some of the story background I've put on my wiki. Update 24 Mar 2024: This is a revised version of the chapter from the original posted years ago, taken from the version that comes out on 1 May 2024. (Pre-order link to Amazon UK for Fierce by James Kemp.) Chapter 1 - Straven 'Noren! What’s keeping you?' I peered…
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Yngvild Needs Beta Readers [Fantasy]

My son sketched out Yngvild's story arc on a napkin when we having a coffee in Norway. (photo: James Kemp) I'm looking for s few people to beta read the second draft of my fantasy novel, currently titled "Yngvild and the Forest of Dreams". It started life as my 2016 NaNoWriMo project and has been added to and edited over the last three years. Inspired by a trip to Bergen in Norway and a box set of Game of Thrones, it's now in a near complete second draft. Yngvild weighs in at about 70,000 words before it goes into a final edit, then proofreading ahead of publication. I'd really like some people to read it and tell me what they think of it. Before you send the email volunteering you'll want to know more about the story. It's probably only…
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Horse-Riding Research Round-Up

My pseudo-viking YA fantasy novel moved from seaborne to horse-riding. Yngvild met a cavalry troop and learnt how to ride with them.  Like Yngvild, I've had to research how to look after horses, and how far you can travel on horseback. I've not done much horse-riding, I've been on horseback fewer than half a dozen times in my life. I've done it just enough to know that you can take a teenager and give them the basics of horse-riding in about half an hour, but I'm far from being a Dothraki! Horse-Riding for Writers An Argentine Lancer, this is pretty close to how I've imagined the cavalry unit that Yngvild met. (picture credit ) There are many good websites for writers interested in realistic portrayals of horse-riding and horse borne expeditions. There are some links at the bottom, but by…
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