I’ve been working on the second draft of Yngvild the Fierce (for which I still need beta readers – it’s not too late to volunteer). One of the things I’ve produced is a prophecy that explains some of the behaviours of a powerful supporting character. I’ve tried to write it as ambiguously as possible if you don’t know the story, and also in iambic pentameter. I’m not entirely sure that I’ve managed the latter.

Gudrid’s Prophecy

Lost yet found, he stands tall far from the sea
In among the ghosts of fallen spear carriers
Where, women witness and are spared to bear
daughters descended from god’s fire made flesh.

The father’s myriad faces are bent on
elevation making kings, princes, cities.
His lover’s fierce flame flowers vigorously
when her sacred sword sings in the old ways.

Sacrifice to the old gods, blood in rivers,
smoke skywards. Worship her righteously,
seek perfection, embrace the bird filled trees.

She brings justice by night and ends empires,
oppression by northerners, faith restored.